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Student Comments

We have now played our first netball game of the season in the University Department League. The girls really like the new kit you sponsored and all say thank you!

Thank you for the Louis Stone prize for Top Student in Year 2. I am very proud to have received the award and will put the cheque towards a Volk Lens.

I am contacting you in my role as acting Head of the School of Optometry & Vision Sciences to thank you for giving prizes to students who have excelled in certain fields of optometry.

I have recently received the award for Top Student Year 1 and wanted to thank you for your generous prize. It was a lovely surprise.

Regarding repairing my Oculus free of charge. Thats great news! Thank you so much, I'll be telling my colleagues of the fantastic service you provide

I recently bought an Oculus from you and realised it wasn't what I required after just a few days. Once you received it, you immediately credited it with no fuss or quibbles. My friend was in a similar situation but unfortunately bought her frame from a different company. They refused to credit it saying unless it had a defect they were not interested.

Thank you for my Volk 78D ordered yesterday afternoon and received this morning. My parents said this is how good service used to be.

I have just saved nearly £10 by buying a Volk from you even though your headline price was slightly more expensive than another supplier. This was because you offer free delivery and other suppliers wanted to charge.

I have now recommended you to students on my course and told them to always look at your website, facebook & twitter.

I just want to say thank you for providing an affordable trial set. It arrived today and having a quick look through and playing with the lenses, I am very impressed with the quality.

I shall be practising areas of my subjective routine over the summer, ready for the start of the second year in October.

Many thanks again

Received my order within 24 hours, what a great service!

Thank you for engraving my surname on my Volk Superfield, now if anybody borrows it they know who it belongs to!

The student kit of 12 instruments was recommended to me as essential for my pre reg year by my supervisor.

I have been really impressed with your student friendly pricing! Please keep up the good work and don't change!

At last a company that can supply Occulus Trial Frame parts.