Worldwide shipping

Urgent message to all accounts


From everyone at Louis Stone Optical Ltd.

We are currently open operating two separate warehouse/office teams on alternate days 8.30am –

All staff are receiving full pay including days off (which are not counted as holidays).
We intend operating for the next 5 weeks in this manner.

If you cannot reach us by phone please email us on

Due to the situation you can order instruments on our Online Store (you must order online to receive these prices).
Slit lamp essentials such as small and large breath shields, alcohol instrument wipes and slit lamp chin paper are in demand and in stock.

We are also sourcing good quality hand gel, face masks and safety goggles.
Please look at our website daily for product updates.


We pay the majority of our suppliers up front; which keeps the supply chain running smoothly.
If necessary the directors will put in a personal loan to keep suppliers and staff paid promptly; regardless of when new government loan policy initiatives start to process

In this instance we would like all accounts to pay within our terms and conditions (payment latest by 25th of month following invoice date), this will assist our staff and supply chain.

A consultant specializing in virus infection prevention has told us if people would do only 2 things in the future;

Wishing you, your colleagues, families and friends a safe time ahead.

Best Regards,

Paul Gaba M.D.