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Louis Stone Optical Ltd was established in the U.K. in 1950, and is an international distributor of spectacle frames/glasses, optical instruments and low vision aids together with spectacle cases, microfibre/cotton lens cloths and glazed prescription work to the optical industry (including many universities and hospitals).

Frame ranges consist of the popular and fast selling Wow, Icy, Stone & Spartan. Ladies, gents, uni, teenage & children’s styles are all stocked in a large variety of colours & sizes.

Volk Lenses & Oculus Trial Frames are only 2 of over 100 different optical instruments that we carry in our range. Volk 20D, Volk 60D, Volk 78D, Volk 90D, Volk Super 66, Volk Superfield, Volk Digital High Mag, Volk Digital Wide Field, Volk G3, Volk G4, Volk Super Vitreofundus are always in stock. Why not secure your Volk by having your name/practice details precision engraved.

Oculus Trial Frames that are in most demand are the Oculus UB4, Oculus UB3 & Oculus Universal. So if its Volk Lenses or Oculus Trial Frames that you require we are the specialists.

There are over 100 different products in our optical instrument range including stereo tests, eye test charts and cards, trial sets, oculus trial frames (including Oculus UB4, UB3, Universal and more), volk lenses (including Volk 78D, 90D, Superfield and more), optical screwdrivers and pliers, focimeters and lens meters. We have received exceptional demand for optical instruments from ophthalmic and dispensing students, and our range of low vision aids has attracted much attention from orthoptists specializing in this field.

We carry an exciting range of spectacle cases in plastic and leather look materials in many vibrant colours including the Sussex deep case & Lincoln for all those large frames. Also spectacle frame display cases in both canvas and aluminium materials which carry up to 168 frames and are extremely popular with all optometrists, particularly domiciliaries. Separate trays in sunglass and frame sizes can also be purchased.

For opticians looking for “all in glazed frame packages” at competitive prices we have over 20 years of experience in this field.

Optometry Students worldwide are contacting us for optical instruments & optical equipment. As well as Optometry Students we are also able to offer exclusive prices on optical equipment & optical instruments to Pre Reg Optometrists who have either started work or are currently looking for optometrist vacancies or optometrist jobs in the UK.

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